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RFC: csstidy using scons instead of make

I'm looking for a little help/review to make sure I get this right.

Earlier this year I created a new package called csstidy. Upstream
did not provide a Makefile, so I created one using autotools and put
it in place using dpatch. Worked fine.

Now upstream has released a new version of csstidy, and has decided
to use the scons makefile replacement. I've no expericence with
scons, but it does seem straightforward.

I've rebuilt the package with scons as a builds-depends and have
significantly altered debian/rules. It works fine, builds in
pbuilder and is lintian clean. But just to be safe, could someone
have a peak and share any thoughts/comments?



Kevin Coyner  GnuPG key: 1024D/8CE11941

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