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Re: RFS: ntfs-3g (updated package)

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On Wed, Aug  8, 2007 at 20:10:41 +0200, "Adam Cécile (Le_Vert)" wrote:

> Hmm, I have something crap to ask...
> As you may have noticed, wxwidget 2.8 is not available in Debian.
> However Mathias Klose maintain it in Ubuntu...
> Would you sponsor my wx2.8 ubuntu sync uploads ?
> I'm really fed up with this situation, but wx is far too complex for me
> and I don't have any interrest in it.
> All I want is to have wx2.8 in Debian, so I could update filezilla...
> What's your aim about this ? Having an ubuntu-maintained package is
> better than not having it, at least for me...
This is so broken it's not even funny.  A package needs to be
maintained, it needs someone to handle bugs, who is knowledgeable and
cares about it.  If you aren't prepared to be that person, then
advocating something like that is irresponsible and a QA disaster.


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