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Re: anyone give me some advice about split scim-bridge

Brian Nelson wrote:
ZhengPeng Hou <zhengpeng.hou@gmail.com> writes:
   I've already splited scim-brodge into scom-brodge-agent
   scim-brodge-client-gtk, scim-bridge-client-qt, and scim-bridge(a
   dumy package for upgrade), but now the upstream has added qt4
   support, so shall I split it into five?
Is there any significant difference between the two to give a reason to
justify having both?

QT4 and QT3 immodules should be separated.
I think "scim-bridge" can be combined with -agent or -client-gtk.
Maybe "scim-bridge" and *-gtk, *-qt3, *-qt4?
Thus they will still be 4 packages.


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