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RFS: libapache2-mod-bwshare


I packaged "mod_bwshare"
(http://www.topology.org/src/bwshare/README.html) and I'm looking for a

	Alan Kennington's modified "Artistic Licence"

	The Apache module mod_bwshare throttles HTTP requests to Apache 1 and 2
servers for each client IP address independently. The mod_bwshare module
accepts or rejects HTTP requests from each client IP address based on
past downloads by that client IP address. If the HTTP client's download
rate exceeds specified levels, the reponse to the HTTP client is an HTML
warning message. A human browser will see a warning message indicating
how long to wait.
	Automatic rampant downloaders will download large numbers of useless
warning messages. The original motivation for mod_bwshare was to prevent
automatic download of all 900 MBytes of material on one of my web sites
which was connected to a 33k modem, which would have taken several days
if it had succeeded.

It builds these binary packages:
libapache2-mod-bwshare - Bandwidth throttling by HTTP client IP address

The package appears to be lintian clean.

The package can be found on :

This Apache module is used by validator.w3.org.

I would be glad if someone uploaded this package for me, checked it or gave me a comment about it.

Sorry for my english...


Laurent Léonard

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