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Re: missing file in php-net-ipv4 in official package

> > The package that's in the Debian archive was not built on a Debian server,
> > it was built wherever your sponsor built it.
> >
> > Because it's an arch: all package, this package would not have been built on
> > any Debian buildds, which also means we have no build logs for it to show
> > what went wrong.
> >
> > At a minimum, I would suggest updating your package so that the build rules
> > notice, and treat it as a fatal error, if key files go missing.  That won't
> > directly answer the question of why the package in the archive is wrong, but
> > it will make the task of tracking down the bug in your sponsor's devel
> > environment a bit easier.
> >
Ok, I'll do this, thanks

> What I feel strange about is that in the original tarball, there is no
> SMTP.php and Socket.php, but only IPv4.php. SMTP.php is from
> php-net-smtp, and I guess that Socket.php is from php-net-socket. That
> means that the package doesn't have any file packaged at all, and that
> seems very strange.
Yes, php-net-ipv4 provides only the file IPv4.php, the example was on
my laptop ;)
The closed ITP is here http://bugs.debian.org/428541

Kind regards,

Thierry Randrianiriana

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