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Re: RFS: python-plastex

Carl Fürstenberg wrote:
> Have corrected most of the points you told me, but I really don't know
> how to build the documentation using the just built program,

just use pdflatex, as described in Doc/README. I guess we can live
without a html documentation, but if there's one, it should be shipped.

There're two spaces needed in front of Homepage: in debian/control.
Weird, and I hope this will become a real control field soon, but at the
moment we have to live with that.

 description foo bar fuzz
  Homepage: http://foo....

Your debian/copyright file is still not complete.
First you have to mention which files are under a different
License/Copyright. To do this, and to make sure there's no
undistributeable stuff in there, you have to take a look at every file.
No fun, I know :(

For example:
plasTeX/Base/LaTeX/allkeys.txt is from unicode.org, and at least I can't
figure out the license properly, as the given link redirects to a page
with several licenses. Upstream needs to fix that. Also - as far as I
know - you need to have the written license included in the source, at
least in some countries, as links to the www are worth nothing at court.

plasTeX/Base/LaTeX/ent.xml - "Reuse approved as long as this
notification is kept." - not sure if ftp-masters accept that as proper
license. Another thing upstream should take care of, for the safety of
their own ass.

plasTeX/Base/LaTeX/pyuca.py - different author, no license. Another
thing for upstream.

plasTeX/Renderers/S5/Themes/default/ui/default/slides.js is in public
domain, and other s5 stuff probably, too - you need to mention that in

plasTeX/Renderers/S5/Themes/default/ui/i18n/pretty.css - "Theme placed
under CC by-sa 2.0 license" - that's a non-free license unfortunately.
Needs to be removed/replaced if you want to have it in main.
You could probably replace the theme, although I didn;t have a look, I
guess there're  a lot of S5 themes out there - S5 rocks :)

plasTeX/Renderers/XHTML/Themes/default/icons/lightbox.js more CC 2.5
stuff - non-free. Although CC 2.5 is more recent than 2.0, it's still
not free: http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2006/08/msg00008.html
As more and more people are using lightbox it would probably be a good
idea to contact the lightbox author, tell him about the problems with
the CC license and DFSG (there's a nice - hopefully correct - entry
about the DFSG in wikipedia), ad ask him to co-license it under a free
license (see http://wiki.debian.org/DFSGLicenses) and CC. I know that
there're several packages in Debian, which were stripped form lightbox
because of that.

Please check all files again, I'm not sure if I found all problems. Hope
you get them fixed, probably together with upstream, it would be really
good to see a free latex2html replacement in Debian.

Let me know if you need any help,


Bernd Zeimetz
<bernd@bzed.de>                         <http://bzed.de/>

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