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Re: RFS: python-plastex


> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "python-plastex".

again, a short review from me - although I can't sponsor you.

* debian/changelog can be shortened, as it was never uploaded to Debian.
The initial release entry is enough

* debian/control: you probably want to stay with upstream's name as
source name: plastex. No need to rename it for creating a python-plastex
package. Also you don't need Provides: ${python:Provides}, as you're not
upgrading from old python{2.3, 2.4}-plastex versions.

* debian/copyright is not complete. I didn't check all files, but a
simple grep at least showed
Copyright (c) 2005 Colin Stewart (http://www.owlfish.com/)
lines in several files.

* debian/dirs: file not needed. /usr/sbin is empty, and I guess /usr/bin
is created by setup.py

* debian/docs: what about the documentation in Doc? You want to add it
to the pacakge, if the license allows it. Please note that latex2html is
in non-free. You may not use it or the results form it. But using latex
to create pdfs/ps files is fine.

* debian/README.Debian-source: upstream's tar.gz only contains one
.cvsignore file - no need to repackage here, just use upstream's file -
makes upgrading much more easy.

* debian/mk: I'm still not happy about that, as nobody knows how long
this will work with cdbs, as long as it's not included there - but I
can't be your sponsor, so at the end you ahve to convince him. But you
could use something like:

------------------ cut here --------------------------------------------

XP=xsltproc -''-nonet

debian/xml-man/%.1: debian/xml-man/%.xml
	$(XP) -o $@ $(DB2MAN) $<

build/python-plastex:: $(MANPAGES)

        rm -f $(MANPAGES)

------------------ cut here --------------------------------------------

You need xsltproc, docbook-xsl, docbook-xml as build deps for that.

* debian/README.Debian: can be updated when you replace the way to build
the manpage, I'd add a comment about the file you've removed form
/usr/bin, too.

* debian/patches: comments in the patches are never bad.

Again my hint: join the python-modules team on alioth and #debian-python
on OFTC. There's no faster way to get your python module packages
reviewed and sponsored. Please note that there's no need that you add
the team as Maintainer to your package, as Uploader is enough, if you
want to maintain the package on your own. Have a look at



Bernd Zeimetz
<bernd@bzed.de>                         <http://bzed.de/>

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