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Re: RFS: adonthell (updated package)

Hi Anthony!

* Joseph Nahmias <joe@nahmias.net> [070628 23:18]:

> > I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 0.3.4.release-1 of my
> > packages "adonthell" and "adonthell-data", which build these binary
> > packages:
> [snip]
> I don't see this new version on the mentors site.  All that's there is
> version 0.3.4.cvs.20050813-4.

Any news regarding that package?  Or should the one available on mentors
be sponsored?

> Also, I would call the game data wastesedge -- similar to the way
> upstream does, and have it provide a virtual adonthell-game or somesuch.
> AIUI, wastesedge will be only one of many future games that will be
> created as the engine matures.

Yes, especially, since you seem to need to know, what game data you've
installed to play the game.

Perhaps it would even be a good idea, to ship a wrapper script calling
"adontell wastesedge"?

Yours sincerely,


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