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Re: btrfs packages: reviews appreciated

Hi Kel,

Thanks a lot for your time.

[ btrfs packages ]

> Had a quick look, some comments:
> * these also need to be removed by upstream's clean target:
>   .*.o.cmd
>   .tmp_versions/
>   Module.symvers

Will pass that on to upstream.

> * btrfs-modules-source should have a versioned dependency on debhelper
> (>=0.5.37) to ensure that dh_installmodules will always be useful

5.0.37, I guess.

> * kdist_clean: should call upstream's clean target, not the debian/rules
> clean target

That's from dh-make, so I'll need to file another bug on that :-)

 -> #432816

As far as I understand, kdist_clean is called while building 
btrfs-modules-_KVERS_ (with module-assistant, or however).

Should it only call upstream "make clean", or does it also need to clear up 
the leftovers from the package building process, so it'd need to call 
dh_clean and upstream make clean?

> * debian/rules would be easier to parse if all the commented/example
> stuff were stripped


> * README.Debian summary is confusing. If the summary is "Do not use
> btrfs." then who is the crazy person that packaged it? and why? Wouldn't
> it be better to explain why you are packaging it just as you did in email
> sent to this list?

New summary: "Do not use for real work".

> * README.Debian typo -> "modules-assistang auto-install btrfs"

... and some other typos as well :-)

-- vbi

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