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Re: RFS: unalz

On 7/6/07, LIU Qi <liuqi82@gmail.com> wrote:


No time for sponsoring, some comments:

Send manpages, patches upstream if you haven't already.

Might want to convert the patches to quilt (or dpatch/cdbs-simple-patchsys)

In the manual page, replace 'Version 2 any' with 'Version 2 or any'

Build creates unalz.1, but clean removes debian/unalz.1

If/when it gets uploaded, notify the security team about the modified,
embedded bzip2 code copy. Please work out if the bzip2 changes can be
sent to the bzip2 upstream. Please ask upstream to remove the zlib
source since it can be replaced with -lz.

debian/copyright needs work: put all copyright info in the copyright
section and all licence info in the licence section.

Since you are adopting the package, don't remove the package history
from the changelog.

Add the homepage to the package description (even though it isn't english)

Any reason to not use -liconv? (A quilt patch would have an
explanation in the header)



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