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Re: A note on lintian clean packages and mentors.d.n


On 01/07/07, Nico Golde <nico@ngolde.de> wrote:
* Raphael Geissert <atomo64+debian@gmail.com> [2007-07-01 21:51]:
> >> By the way, what do you think about making linda check the
> >> package too?
> >
> >Linda itself is too buggy I think. Linda is not bad but when
> >looking at the past I came to a point where I stopped using
> >it because of its bugs.
> I have an alias in my .bashrc which helps me with this stuff:
> alias checkdeb='linda -i *.deb; linda -i *.dsc; lintian -i -I
> *.deb;
> lintian -i -I *.dsc'
> The only "problem" I've found with linda is that when checking
> the source of a package it sometimes complains about duplicate files
> like:
> W: zend-framework; The font
> zend-framework-1.0.0-RC2/tests/Zend/Pdf/_fonts/Vera.ttf in
> package ttf-bitstream-vera is considered to be a duplicate.
> The font shown above is considered to be a duplicate of a
> commonly available font.
> even tough those files aren't included in the final .deb

Linda has way too much false-positives (the above is just
one example) which is really bad.
bugs.debian.org/linda vs bugs.debian.org/lintian does look
like this as well.

There are only 5 bugs in linda:
By the way, looks like the BTS is kind of buggy:
That should normally exclude all those bugs marked as done, but it
isn't excluding them.
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