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Re: ITR: libhttp

On Friday 01 June 2007, Neil Williams wrote:
| There is quite a lot to do in this package yet.

Neil, you aren't joking there. Wow had no idea what all I was getting into 
here, but since I have started, no way I am going to quit or slow down.

This is what I did to a) try and make the packaging a little easier just in 
case sometime down the road I disappear, and b) because it would have looked 
silly if I just had one point...

OK, I contacted via email, and am awaiting a response, the upstream author 
asking if it is at all possible for changes. If the author doesn't respond or 
doesn't feel like implementing some minor changes to help this package mold 
itself, I guess I am free to grab and make my own version of the package. In 
a way having me work on the package would kill a couple of birds with one 
stone, or least knock a wing off :)

I appreciate your report and I apologize for dput'ing the wrong directory up 
to mentors. Bad mistake on my part. 75% of what you noted had someone been 
fixed in the "correct" package here, i.e. Copyright, Control, and such. Once 
again thanks for pointing me in the right direction on some things I was 
beginning to question. Have a great weekend!

Richard A. Johnson
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