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Re: RFS: paco

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Nico Golde ha scritto:
> Do we really need this since there is checkinstall?

I've just contacted the upstream author for some advice :-P .

Here's what he says:

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But, well, at the end paco is not checkinstall. It provides some additional
unique features that might make it attractive for a Debian user. I am thinking
mainly in the GUI, but also in its simple interface and its abbility to append
files to a package or to get information of the missing files (which may
sometimes be very useful to fix problems in the system). Another interesting
feature is the abbility to keep track of any arbitrary command and optionally
create a log. With paco you can even keep track of a AdobeReader binary
installation, for instance. I think you cannot do that with checkinstall.
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He's right, we can't track proprietary (or "abnormal", where you should run a
./*.bin or ./*.run) installations with checkinstall. With paco we could.

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Apart from that, as you point, one can get rid of apt and transform his Debian
system into a sort of "debianized" LFS. This is a minor advantage though,
because normal users won't do that whatsoever.

And, finally: OK, paco is just another source code package manager. But, why do
not include it as well? Many Linux distributions let the user choose between
different instances of the same generic application. That's a good thing. For
example one may prefer thunderbird as an email client, but another may prefer to
use balsa, or  claws-mail, and I think that a decent linux distribution should
provide them all.
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(I agree with him here, especially with the "alternatives" concept)

Moreover, he proposed to release it in an unofficial way, but I replied I
would've waited for your response:

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Well, I thank you for packaging paco. At the end, if they reject including it in
the official repositories, we can make it available from the paco web site. As
you have probably seen, there are paco RPMs available for several distributions
like Fedora Core and Mandriva. It would be good if we can provide Debian
packages as well.

So if you send me the .deb files I can upload them to SourceForge. This would
perhaps put a little pressure on the mentors' minds...  XD
- ---8<---

I'm waiting for your responses.


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