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Re: RFS: smc

Hi Oleksandr,

On 4/25/07, Oleksandr Moskalenko <malex@debian.org> wrote:

* The sound does not work on a run of the mill alsa system I have.

Warning : Could not init 16-bit Audio
- Reason : No available audio device
Warning : Could not init 16-bit Audio
- Reason : No available audio device
Last known Error : No available audio device

This really shouldn't happen. Please look into this.

It did not happen to me in neither of my computers. Could you give me
more information about your machine, please? So in this case I can
research about.

* You should have something like "On Debian systems, the complete text of the
GNU General Public | License, version 2, can be found in
/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-2." right below the license header in the
debian/copyright and then just mention that your packaging is licensed under
GPL at the end.


* Is there a good reason to include

I don't see what users of your package would find useful in those.
history.html could be repackaged as the upstream changelog I suppose if you'd
like to do that.

Yeap, I think you are right. I included those files thinking that
maybe a user could care about them. But I do not have any problem in
not including them.

* I personally think you should distribute the menu smc.xpm icon in the "smc"
package instead of the smc-data. This will also allow you to avoid using a
lintian override.


* You have debian/README.source, but you don't install it into the /usr/share/doc/.


* And now the main point for the NEW queue - there are several licenses in
docs/licenses. Some of the look like the licenses for the software smc links
against that you don't distribute in your orig.tar.gz. I think you should
remove erroneous licenses from the tarball since you are already repackaging
it to include the data/music files, so you can do that easily. Only leave
those licenses that correspond to the code shipped in your source package. For
that code you must have a corresponding entry in the debian/copyright files.
Please do this and double-check all code in the tarball for the licensing.


After the above is addressed I'd be happy to upload the package for you. It
doesn't mean that ftpmasters won't find something else to shoot the package
down for - this is what I personally found.


Muammar El Khatib.
Linux user: 403107.
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