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Symlink conffile?


given the case that a conffile was moved from /etc/conffile to
/etc/package/conffile. I would now like to include a transition
symlink to my package.

When I go the easy way, just including the symlink in the package,
debhelper does not mark the link a conffile, and every /etc/conffile
that might be present on the local system gets unceremoniously
overwritten during package installation, causing blatant data loss.

When I flag the symlink manually as a conffile, the package in
uninstallable: "dpkg: error processing $PACKAGE (--install): unable to
change ownership of new dist ocnffile '/etc/conffile.dpkg-new': No
such file or directory.

Policy does not mention any issues with symlinks as conffiles, and I
didn't find an appropriate bug filed against dpkg.

What to do here?


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