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Re: netcdf with new and improved diffs

Warren Turkal wrote:
> On Thursday 05 April 2007 12:47, Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
>> One minor point is that the orig.tar.gz of a source package that was
>> modified for Debian (even just to repack it) should contain a directory
>> named
>> 	netcdf-3.6.2.orig
>> rather than
>> 	netcdf-3.6.2

> I created README.Debian-source with the following text:
> The orig.tar.gz has changed from the upstream source. To recreate the
> orig.tar.gz from the upstream source, follow these steps.

Looks fine.

> I will upload a 1~pre8 for you to check out first. In fact, it's already 
> posted if you wanna look at it. I have also posted the new orig.tar.gz.

I've scanned those and they also seem good.

Do you plan to post a final 3.6.2-1 version for me to build and upload?
Or shall I just bump the version number in the 3.6.2-1~pre8 changelog to
3.6.2-1, then build and upload that?

>> During the build, there are a lot of error messages of the form
>> "warning: enumeration value ‘NC_NAT’ not handled in switch".  Is this
>> something that could be a problem?  Maybe upstream would best know the
>> answer to this...
> First of all, they are warnings. Upstream says the errors were also in 3.6.1
> or before. They don't seem to cause any functional problems. I have 
> scientists using 3.6.2 compiled and installed into /usr/local as we speak.

OK, it sounds safe then.

best regards,

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