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Re: netcdf with new and improved diffs


Today is your lucky day. I addressed all of your bullet points along with a 
fun bonus. The new revision (1~pre7) is at [1]. I now think that 1~pre7 is 
ready for experimental after a revision change to 1.

So you know, the orig.tar.gz has changed in this revision. I untarred it, 
ran ./configure && make distclean to get rid of some files, and tarred it 
back up.

On Thursday 29 March 2007 18:19, Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> 1) I see you've decided to use the pre-built PDF / PS documentation
> files shipped in upstream's orig.tar.gz, and so commented out the
> debian/rules clean target.  There's nothing wrong with that, as has
> previously been mentioned on this list, since we know these docs can be
> rebuilt from the source package.
> However, because you're doing this, it could be worthwhile to remove the
> build-dependencies on texinfo and texlive-latex-base | tetex-bin from
> debian/control.  They currently don't do anything except cause an awful
> lot of packages to be downloaded by pbuilder or sbuild, which increases
> the build time.

With this new revision I am building the docs. I just need to remember to 
run ./configure && make distclean on the upstream tarball and tar the result 
for the orig.tar.gz. I guess I'll just throw a small shell script that does 
this preparation of the upstream tarball into the debian directory unless 
there is a more formal way to do the tarball prep.

> 2) I also have just noticed that upstream's build outputs a message
> recommending to do a "make check" to test the binaries / libraries.  Is
> this something that would be reasonably easy to put into the Debian build?

CDBS makes this a one-liner. I have added it.

> 3) [of course you know this, I'm leaving it here as a placeholder to
> remind myself]: the possibility to move the docs from libnetcdf-dev into
> an arch:all binary package.

I have the netcdf-doc package in this revision. I moved the docs from 
libnetcdf-dev as well as the html docs into this package. Please check it 

The fun bonus is that I added netcdf-dbg. It is a package that includes all 
the debugging symbols for all the packages built from this netcdf source 


Warren Turkal, Research Associate III/Systems Administrator
Colorado State University, Dept. of Atmospheric Science

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