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where find multiple packages from one source guide

I am trying to create a multiple binaries debian package.
Unable to find enough documentation at policy, maintainers guide and site.
Examined some source packages and then found clamav, that seems to leverage debhelper.
Tried to modify my previous monolithic package to split.
But found some weird things.
1- why the "dh_install java.ini mono.ini etc/php5/conf.d" line cross rule limits when in multiple packages
Found that must be one file and one dest per line.
2- unable to find yet documentation about phony rules not having "-" character in name. Maybe I misunderstood or did not read some fine print.
3- why -p$@ sometimes is needed sometimes is not.
the lintian seems to not catch this thing. If I use -p$@, do I need to create the package_name.dir, .docs, .install files.
obscure for me. Is there documentation.

Please, examine the /debian directory of

Do you have any suggestions or url to documentation about multiple packages from one source

Andre Felipe Machado

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