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Where to mount a temporary partition in scripts?


My package dtc-xen, needs to mount partitions of the Xen VMs for which
it's doing the setup. Previously, it was creating a /xen folder, but an
up-to-date lintian produces an error about /xen in debian/dirs.

Where do you think it's the most appropriate place to do that? I like a
LOT to use /xen (with /xen/01 /xen/02, etc.) because in production, it's
very convenient, but I also understand that this is not very standard
and that it should be changed.

I could use /var/lib/dtc-xen/vps_partitions/xenXX but I really think
it's too deep in the tree and not easy to use. Maybe I should use
/mnt/xen/XX ???

Any suggestion for the next upload to SID?


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