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Question about how to handle a RC bug.

Hi *,

I uploaded a new upstream version of a package which is called CEGUI
(I did it two months ago). There is another package which depends on
CEGUI to autobuild, this package is ogre. The problem is that ogre's
version in Debian is too old and that's why it is not autobuilding
well against the new version of cegui. You can find the report in:


I was researching into ogre's forums and what I wrote above is the
problem. So, my question is: How should I proceed? I mean, should I
upload the previous version of cegui to unstable? or what is the
correct procedure to handle that kind of problem?

I would be glad if someone helps me, because I'm not sure of how to
handle that kind of bug.

Thanks for reading and regards,

Muammar El Khatib.
Linux user: 403107.
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