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Re: Where to mention, when several tarballs are merged into one .orig.tar.gz

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> wrote:

> I still think that debian/copyright is a more natural location for this
> information.  debian/copyright is where we're required to specify the
> source of the upstream tarball.  Any customizations to the upstream
> tarball seem to me to be part and parcel with specifying its source.
> Plus, usually describing the repackaging only takes a sentence or maybe a
> paragraph, which is a bit short to warrant a separate file.

Makes sense. OTOH, using a separate well-known file makes it easy to see
at first glance that the upstream tarball has been repackaged.

I'd say that, if you're using README.Debian-source, you should mention
the repackaging in debian/copyright along with a pointer to
README.Debian-source for the details.

> I'll open a wishlist bug against developers-reference.



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