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Re: We need an off-topic list (was Re: REALLY OT: News Flash)

Tyler MacDonald wrote:
>   A list that the debian organization reccomends for new debian users to go
> to seek help should be as accomodating to that goal as possible, including,
> yes, adjusting it self to how everybody reads mail.

    Nope.  It should help people figure out a more efficient way of reading
mail.  2 simple steps to prevent seeing threads like this.

1: Read threaded.
2: Delete thread.

    The above argument is one that is trotted out when people defend
top-posting.  So, lowering oneself instead of raising others is not the way to
go.  In fact it is the very core of a lot of problems in this and other countries.

> Keep in mind a lot of
> these people are brand spankin' new debian users, who may still even be
> reading all of their email under windows in outlook express!

    They are coming here.  They need to learn.  I'll welcome them to the
process but I won't say that the very people who are going to help them in
that process should adjust what and how they post.  They are here on their
sufferage, if I am going to grant anyone any latitude it is the people kind
enough to spend their time helping others.

>   On-topic discussins on an "off-topic" list are fine... it's the other way
> around that's bad and could probably be mitigated by having another list.

    No, on-topic on an off-topic is worse than the other way around.  Why?
Because when someone is searching the archives and limits themselves to the
on-topic list(s) how are they going to find an answer that was hashed out on
the off-topic list?

> So my position now is that
> we need a "debian-help" list that is specifically for technical support.

    As I pointed out previously if the people who are helpful are also the
people who venture into OT territory what's to stop them from being OT on the
"help only" list as well?  Moderators?  The iron clad fist of the Debian gods
on high?  Ok, I'll grant that... but then what's to say their interest will
remain high so they read the list to see the questions on which they can offer

>   And like I said before, either way I'll probably remian subscribed to
> both. But I would like to see new debian users accomodated, and encouraged
> to keep using the mailing lists and debian itself, not pushed away by a
> flood of stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with debian.

    As I said, this is not a flood.  90-95% of the mail going through the list
is related to Debian help, Debian Learning or hashing out where Debian is
going.  That's not a flood, that's bordering statistically insignificant.

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