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Re: Choice between ubuntu or brand new package for Bug#345039

David Newgas <david@newgas.net> writes:

> Bug#345039 is an request for
> "kzenexplorer" (http://kzenexplorer.sourceforge.net/) to be included in
> Debian.  It is currently already in Ubuntu
> (http://packages.ubuntu.com/kzenexplorer). I created a brand new Debian
> package (lintian clean except for lack of a man page) before noticing it
> was in Ubuntu.  Which is preferred, a new package or using the Ubuntu
> one?  

I think it is most polite if you would ask the ubuntu contributor of the
package for collaboration. If you doesn't answer, forward that mail to
'ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com' for additional attention.

> And if the latter, is it simply done by using the Ubuntu
> orig.tar.gz/diff.gz/dsc ?

If the ubuntu package suits you, then you can take this as base, and use
that as debian package.

Example from my personal experience: The package keepassx was uploaded
to ubuntu, and I noticed that it was missing in debian. I mailed the
maintainer in ubuntu, and now he is a Co-Maintainer of the keepassx
package in debian. Later I requested the debian source package to be
synced into ubuntu, so we have the same source package in both distros.

In general, if you want to adpot a package from ubuntu, feel free to
just take that as base. If it doesn't suit you (because it uses CDBS or
something), feel free to package it on your own. In any case it is very
polite to mail the ubuntu contributor and CC: ubuntu-motu@, so that we
can see if we really need the divergence. The best solution for both
distros is to maintain a package in debian and sync it to ubuntu.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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