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Please do not ignore this message from our Founder and President

There is a solution to the Electro Sensitivity most people have from cell phones and Wi-Fi 
devices and they may not even know it.  I feel that I am responsible to let everyone I know 
that there is a real problem and a real solution.

I don’t have the migraines I have been experiencing for months and my night vision has 
even improved. I have more energy and my friends tell me I am much calmer. The best part 
is I am also making a difference in other peoples lives and making some extra money along 
the way.

 - Did you know? 
•	Brain cancer has increased by 25 percent since 1973, every year there are 185,000 
more cases in the U.S.
•	EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) radiation has cancer risk 
•	EMF linked to Autism in children 
•	Cancer linked to cell phones

Learn more: www.ElectroPollutionSolution.net 

P. O. Box 16283 
Phoenix, AZ 85011

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