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Re: BALLView: new package version


again, there a new improved package version available.

Andreas Tille wrote:
> Got it and builded the package.  My main concerns are solved and
> I would regard the package nearly ready for upload.  There is just
> one issue if I run the demo I get the following output:
> Warning: QTextBrowser: Cannot open
> 'file:///usr/share/BALL/data/../doc/BALL/index.html' for reading
> Warning: QTextBrowser: No document for
> file:///usr/share/BALL/data/../doc/BALL/index.html
These warnings are always shown, it is an internal issue without
any negative results. Please just ignore them.

> Warning: QTextBrowser: Cannot open
> 'file:///usr/share/BALL/data/../doc/internal/demo01.html' for reading
This was a real stupid error, I fixed it, by copying the internal files to /usr/share/BALL/doc/internal and did not create any links, since they are not really documentation documents and thus not suited for external usage.

I also added the BALL tutorial, since it also contains a section on usage of the Python interface and some general informations.

> So it seems you have to do a little bit more fiddling around with symlinks.
> BTW, you did fine with dh_link but I personally regard it easier if you
> use debian/<pkgname>.links files and calling dh_link without any argument.
> It's a question of style but in case you want to switch to cdbs or
> something
> like that this method would be more convenient.
OK, I changed the rule file to use the .links file.

> Kind regards and thanks for your fine work
Your welcome, it is in my own interest to get this package in perfect shape as soon as possible. :)
Thank you again for your help!

Best regards


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