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BALLView: new package version


there is a now a new improved package version available.

Do I have to create the links in the
ballview.postinst.debhelper file?

Have a look into

      man dh_link
Thanks a lot for this hint!

using such a package is really high recommended.  It depends a
little bit from the ratio of the size of binary and independant
files to make ftpmaster force you to split the package but IMHO
splitting ballview is necessary.
I managed to create two seperate packages from the source code.
It was much less painfull than I thought ;)
Maybe there are still minor errors, feel free to have an other look :)

Well, you are the expert and I have no idea how this optional features
are used.  I also wonder if you decide for a certain set of options
whether it will not be possible to provide a development package with
the very same set of options and add a README that if you need different
options you have to compile the development library on your own.  But
as I said the developmen package is a bonus and there is no need to
provide it for the first shot.  On the other hand I guess people will
ask you for it (I just realized it for the WOrdNet package where I never
expected people to ask for it).
Well, maybe I will create such a package in the future...

first of all, your package built fine on my iMac G5, works.
That's great news :)
Thank you for your help!

iMacs G5 uses a ppc64 kernel and a 32-bit powerpc userspace. Therefore, it will
be a bit difficult to get information with uname. However, Debian provides
dpkg-architecture, which is much more precise.
I dont yet see how I can make use of dpkg-architecture in my configure script.
My guess is that I would have to pass the architecture to configure...
But for this to work, I would have to make some time consuminging changes...
Charles, could you please send me the output of uname -m on your machine?

Best regards

Andreas Moll

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