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Re: BALLView - a molecular viewer and modeling tool

Teemu Ikonen schrieb:

The code above causes a build failure in 32-bit powerpc, the uname -m
output in this case is 'ppc'. The attached patch fixed this for me.

thank you very much for the patch, it will be included in the next package version.

I also built ballview on a 6-month old (i.e. fast) pc, but it seems
really slow, the screen update is something like 0.3 FPS. I have an
intel graphics card with DRI enabled and other opengl apps work ok.
Any idea what might be wrong?
Most intel graphics card are not really renowned for their performance.
Or maybe you have a driver problem?
Just for comparision, how many FPS can you get in glxgears?


You may also try to run the opengl_benchmark.py under /usr/share/BALL/PYTHON. With a 5 year old Geforce 4TI I get a result of 2.28553815935 BALLView OpenGL stones and it can fluently render stick models or surfaces for
molecules like 2PTC with more than 2000 atoms.

For a test you may also try to disable DRI and see what happens...

And if nothing else should help, you can switch to a lower detail level
in BALLView. In the lowest level, it will look choppy, but should at
least give you enough FPS.
As an alternative use the line model.

I hope these tip will help you along...

Best regards


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