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Re: RFS: ballview : new package version

If the scripts are intended to be used on other platforms, how about
moving them out of the debian directory, in the upstream sources?
I have just uploaded a new version of my package that now calls the build scripts in
an upstream directory. This should also fix the permissions problem.

Most open issues should be fixed by now, except for the following points:

- In our code, a piece of rougly 500 lines from an other author is not available under the
As soon as our project leader is back from a conference, we will try to find a solution for this issue. As a last resort, the project might have to be released as a non-free package.

- If I get access to a PowerPC machine or feedback from a user on this platform, I will try
 to adapt our software and the package to this arch.

Have I overlooked any other problems? Any further help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Andreas Moll

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