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Re: Re: RFS: ballview : new package version

If a library shows unsuspected behaviour, then it is not your bug but one of that library. The inter-platform consistency of Debian may be one of the best ways to locate an issue.
Yes, this could be a great help to pinpoint potential problems.

What is even worse: I have no computer available to test
our software for example
on a power pc architecture. What happens if my package
fails to build on such a machine
and I get a  critical "Fails to build"error?
Once you are a Debian developer, and I hope that you will apply to become one, you have access to machines allowing you to investigate that issue yourself. However, a bug on a platfrom that nobody uses will remain unnoticed. You already made the acquaintance of Charles who is using the PowerPC and cares for your package. I myself looked into packaging your work quite a while ago (i386,x86_64) and am likely to have a look - just ask.
I would be delighted if you or someone else could help me along, since I am quite new to debian packaging. I found it quite hard to consider all the differend standards that apply if one creates a package. Also, if Charles or other users could help me with the PowerPC (e.g. sendinging me further/future error messages) I will gladly work on the PowerPC package.

You may be interested to say hello to the Debian-Med community of Debian http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-med/ that features many list subscribers with a background in structural biology - be it from the wet or the dry lab.
You are right, I had not noticed, that Debian-Med pays so much attention to structural bioinformatics. I guess BALLView would make a nice addition to the other molecular viewers and modeling tools and I am deeply interested in any user comments.

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