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Re: native packages

On Wed, 24 Jan 2007 08:45:50 +1100
"Andrew Donnellan" <ajdlinux@gmail.com> wrote:

> > Hmm. Can't you use 'make dist' to create a tarball that is at least
> > close to what will actually be released? 'make dist' will not include
> > debian/ UNLESS you have made the mistake of putting debian/ in
> > EXTRA_DIST somewhere.
> This package does not use autotools, it uses qconf. Upstream tarball
> releases are literally just exports of the svn repo. Also I'm building
> svn snapshot versions here.

Fair enough - I'll just note that if this was an autotools package,
there'd be no particular reason not to use 'make dist' to prepare an
svn snapshot. Whatever method is to be used to create the next full
release is the method that should be used for all snapshot (or other
interim) releases. For autotools packages, that method is usually 'make
dist' (and if it isn't, it should be!) Basically, if an autotools
package doesn't complete 'make dist', it isn't ready for an svn
snapshot release either.

> > That seems wasteful - don't include the debian/ files in the original
> > tarball / copy operation in the first place. You need to have a tarball
> > that is as close as possible to the final release in structure -
> > otherwise your debian build could break when you finally get a release.
> This *is* as close as possible to the final release in structure.



Neil Williams

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