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Re: RFS: sshproxy

On 1/20/07, Vincent Bernat <bernat@luffy.cx> wrote:
The  problem is  that dh_python  is invoked  after  dh_installinit and
therefore,  it first tries  to invoke  the daemon,  then to  place the
python file  in the right place.  On install, the  daemon cannot start
since  python file  are not  yet in  the right  place. I  suppose that
without  cdbs, putting  dh_python  before dh_installinit  will do  the
trick  but this will  break uninstall  in some  cases (not  mine since
stopping the daemon  does not require python). In  cdbs, they have put
dh_installinit before dh_python.

This is then a bug in cdbs, and not in debhelper as you had previously stated.

That's one of the problems with cdbs, that it doesn't allow you to
control what is done at each point, and therefore you end having to
work around things, because of the order of the dh_ commands.


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