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RFS: cwiid -- Linux interface to the Wiimote

	Hi mentors !

I'm looking for a sponsor for this package:

	* Package name    : cwiid
	  Version         : 0.3.51
	  Upstream Author : L. Donnie Smith <wiimote@abstrakraft.org>
	* URL             : http://www.wiili.org/index.php/CWiid
	* License         : GPL
	  Programming Lang: C
	  Description     : Linux interface to the Wiimote

 CWiid is a working userspace driver along with various
 applications implementing event drivers, multiple wiimote
 connectivity, gesture recognition, and other Wiimote-based

The binary packages are a library, its development files, and two binaries.
ITP number is #407468

You can find the package at this place:

Thanks for your help !

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