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Re: Trouble packaging simple perl module

On Thu, 18 Jan 2007 14:35:53 -0600
Mark Saner <gurgietrueshot@gmail.com> wrote:

> install: build
>         dh_testdirdh_installdirs
>         cp labelprint.cgi "$(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/cgi-bin"
	install -m 0755 Label_creator.html

>         cp Label_creator.html $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/labelprint


You need to use 'install' to put files into privileged system folders -
the two main arguments are '-d' to create a new directory and '-m' to
set the mode of the file being installed. I'm assuming above that you
want an executable file, most installs are 0644.

Also check that $(DESTDIR) is being set correctly, you initially want
to install the files in debian/tmp/usr/lib/cgi-bin or
debian/package/usr/lib/cgi-bin and then bundle those into the .deb.


Neil Williams

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