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Re: Tone-of-voice used by sponsors

On 1/14/07, Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt <he@ftwca.de> wrote:
"Muammar Wadih El Khatib Rodriguez" <muammarelkhatib@gmail.com> writes:
> In the other hand I don't think he has something to change, I really
> do appreciate all the work he does and how he does. He imposes a high
> quality standard when he sponsors a package.

Erm. Fixing the number of whitespaces in scripts, Makefiles and control
files, but sponsoring something like dtc (see the BTS for some problems)
is a good sign that Daniel's priorities are not right. He goes on and on
about his pet issues, but I don't believe that his or the packages of his
applicants are of exceptionally good quality.

There's more to packaging than counting the number of empty lines.

I really don't understand why this kind of things happen. It's logical
to think that both parts aren't in the obligation of sponsoring or
accepting sponsorship. If Jens thought and felt Daniel was wrong, so
he could told him that he didn't want to change what were suggested
and he'd look for another sponsor (Jen has his reasons like Daniel has
his own ones) and therefore don't be sponsored by him.

Now, I think it's not good to send an email like accusing someone in
here nor discrediting the work of the others. It could be fixed and
discussed in another way. Also I don't understand why if we are part
of the same project, we sometimes have to talk us like if it was a

I think Debian is great and I don't know If the work I have done sucks
:S or at least I have done it well  to say  what I wrote above is what
I think about this situation.

Regards and thanks for reading,
Muammar El Khatib.
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