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"changelog has a useless empty line" (was: Re: RFS: speedometer)

On Saturday 13 January 2007 23:59, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Jari Aalto wrote:
> > http://cante.net/~jaalto/tmp/debian/speedometer/speedometer_2.4-1.dsc

>   * changelog has a useless empty line at the end of the file.

The dh_make template includes that empty line - no wonder almost all RFS's you 
comment on have that deficiency, if it is one.

In addition, can't it be said that the final blank line is part of the format 
of a changelog.Debian entry?

$package ($version) $distribution; urgency=$urgency

 * $change[0]
 * $change[1]
 * ...

 -- $Maintainer <$maintainer_address>  $date


There is always a blank line after the maintainer line before the following 
(chronologically previous) entry.

Magnus Holmgren        holmgren@lysator.liu.se
                       (No Cc of list mail needed, thanks)

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