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Re: RFS: poco

On (13/01/07 22:12), Krzysztof Burghardt wrote:
> Daniel Baumann wrote: 
> > btw, just curious: are there any reasons to not use the -ssl tarball
> > from upstream?
> This problem is known as "OpenSSL and GPL software". What happen if
> there is a GPL software (and I'm not copyright holder). I extend its
> functionality using POCO classes (assumes that POCO is linked against
> OpenSSL). Will copyright holders claim that I infringe on their rights?
> This can be enough complicated without SSL as some parts of POCO have 4
> clauses (while other 3 clauses) BSD license. So maybe we do not need to
> care.

If poco has parts GPL and parts 4-BSD then you have the problem without
even getting OpenSSL involved.


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