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Re: Problems when I use debhelper compatibility level 5

On 12/31/06, Hubert Chan <uhoreg@debian.org> wrote:
On Sun, 31 Dec 2006 00:41:03 -0400, "Muammar Wadih El Khatib Rodriguez" <muammarelkhatib@gmail.com> said:

> Now, If I change it to 5 this is what I get:

> dh_installudev -plibcegui-mk2-dev
> dh_install -plibcegui-mk2-dev --sourcedir=debian/tmp
> dh_install: libcegui-mk2-dev missing files (usr/lib/libCEGUI*.a), aborting
> make: *** [binary-install/libcegui-mk2-dev] Error 1

> libCEGUI*.a are not being created during the compile process. I'd be
> glad if someone could help me or give me an idea, I still trying,
> researching and testing looking for what is happening. If  any other
> information about it is needed, just let me to know it.

"man debhelper", under the NOTES section, lists the differences between
the compatibility levels.  One of the additions in version 5 is:

    -       dh_install errors out if wildcards expand to nothing.

So, since libCEGUI*.a are not being created, this results in an error.
To fix it, I guess you just need to remove the usr/lib/libCEGUI*.a entry
from debian/libcegui-mk2-dev.install, or wherever it's listed.

I thought it, indeed, you're right. But libCEGUI*.a are the static
link files, so my questions are: will the package work properly
without static link files? Why aren't they being created? Is it
correct if I just erase this line into libcegui-mk2-dev.install?

Thanks for reading and regards;

Muammar El Khatib.
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