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Problems when I use debhelper compatibility level 5

Hi *,

I'm getting some problems when I use debhelper compat level 5 for
compiling a source, but when I use debhelper compat level 4 instead
the package just compiles fine. I was researching in google but I did
not find anything useful about it for resolving my problem. I'm using
CDBS and the package which I'm trying to compile using compat level
version 5 is cegui-mk2 .

I wanted to change compat level to 5 because If I use 4 linda gives an
Error. I show it below:

muammar@amaneciendo:~/devel/libs/cegui$ linda -i cegui-mk2_0.5.0-1_i386.changes
E: cegui-mk2; Uses cdbs and debhelper.mk, but debhelper Build-Depends
is too old.
This package uses cdbs and includes debhelper.mk, but the version of
debhelper the package Build-Depends on is too old.  To use
debhelper.mk you currently must Build-Depend on at least debhelper (>=

Now, If I change it to 5 this is what I get:

dh_installudev -plibcegui-mk2-dev
dh_install -plibcegui-mk2-dev --sourcedir=debian/tmp
dh_install: libcegui-mk2-dev missing files (usr/lib/libCEGUI*.a), aborting
make: *** [binary-install/libcegui-mk2-dev] Error 1

libCEGUI*.a are not being created during the compile process. I'd be
glad if someone could help me or give me an idea, I still trying,
researching and testing looking for what is happening. If  any other
information about it is needed, just let me to know it.

Thanks for reading and regards,
Muammar El Khatib.
Linux user: 403107.
Key fingerprint = 90B8 BFC4 4A75 B881 39A3  1440 30EB 403B 1270 29F1
http://muammarelkhatib.net | http://www.teorex.org
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