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Re: #235790 RFP: jing -- A XML RelaxNG validator

On Sun, 31 Dec 2006 16:34:38 +0200
"Eng. Mina Ramses" <mina.ramses@gmail.com> wrote:

When you start a cross-post, you should keep replies to the list too.

> >It was requested to be packaged some time ago (Tue, 02 Mar 2004) but
> >no package materialised (it is still an RFP, not an ITP) so the RFP
> >was closed due to lack of interest by an automated script.
>  It's ok, i got the point that the RFP closed , but i'm still asking
> it's waiting
> a sponsoring <http://sponsors.debian.net/viewpkg.php?id=99> and
> already has a maintainer.

Then what is needed is for that maintainer to look for a sponsor - he's
probably already tried.

The RFP is closed - he needs to reopen it and retitle it an ITP.

There is no sponsor listed, he needs to request sponsorship here by
posting appropriate details from that ITP and giving a download
location for the .dsc file he created whilst packaging the software.

If you want to help then I suggest you talk to the listed maintainer:
Johannes Ranke <jranke@uni-bremen.de> and ask him nicely if he is still
interested in packaging the software and whether he is prepared to
create the ITP and the rest of the work. If he is not, you could take
it on yourself and reopen the RFP as an ITP and ask for sponsorship

> >There does not appear to have been
> >any upstream activity since 2003 so are you also willing to do all
> >the upstream work? (When upstream is dead, the Debian maintainer
> >takes responsibility for fixing upstream bugs.)
> no prob. may you please point  me with a good guide regarding
> upstreaming

? To be upstream means simply maintaining and developing the upstream
code, in your case you would need write access to whatever source
management systems are used via

If you have no access and want to be upstream, try to contact the
previous upstream developer(s) and see what is happening. In the
absence of a response, you may have to fork jing and create a new home
for it at SourceForge or somewhere similar.

Even then, there is no guarantee that jing will be accepted into Debian
- it is whether you (or the maintainer) can generate sufficient
interest in the package on this list or you or the maintainer apply to
become a DD yourself and go through that process (currently at least a
year). Sponsorship depends on catching the attention of an interested
sponsor - there certainly does not appear to have been sufficient
interest so far. You have to convince a DD that there is a role for
jing in Debian. There are alternative packages already available - the
request for sponsorship should make it clear why this package is
superior to what already exists. This can be difficult with a package
that is dead upstream.


Neil Williams

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