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Beginner Maintainer: tremulous-editor, tremulous-mappack

Dear Debian Developers,

I am looking for a sponsor to control my fist packages.

This is my first attempt, so I need help to control integrity of my packages.

Can you tell me what is wrong and what is it recommended (or not) in my packages or in my approach?


* Package name    : tremulous-mappack

  Version         : 0.1

  Upstream Author : Salokine <salokine.terata@free.fr>

* URL             : http://www.bricosoft.com

* License         : GPL

  Programming Lang: GtkRadiant (1.5.0), Q3Map (1.0), Q3Map-ydnar (2.5.16)

  Description     : Bricosoft's Official maps for Tremulous game

To install tremulous-editor, I need gtkradiant package managed by Frits Daalmans. I think he's currently waiting for upload his package too.


* Package name    : tremulous-editor

  Version         : 0.0.1

  Upstream Author : Tim Angus <tangus@users.sourceforge.net>

* URL             : http://www.tremulous.net

* License         : GPL

  Programming Lang: xml, GTK Radiant

  Description     : This package configure GTK Radiant for Tremulous game


... Sorry for my poor english language.


Salokine Terata.


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