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Re: main or contrib?

On Sat, Oct 21, 2006 at 10:58:37PM +0400, Al Nikolov wrote:
> Hello, all mentors!
> Please clarify for me, in which section should go a GPL-licensed package,
> which is quite unusable without (but technically not Depends on), er,
> obscure blobs of data, usually gathered by a way of sniffing data flow
> between a proprietary application and a hardware device, and then just
> repeated as is?

Sounds like "contrib" to me.  Packages in "main" should be free in that they
can be used and changed without (much) limitations.  Technically that means
The source must be free, and also all dependencies and build-dependencies must
be free.  While technically those blobs of data aren't in "non-free", they
surely are non-free, and should be treated as a non-free dependency IMO.


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