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Re: How can I contribute??

On Tue, 2006-10-24 at 13:08 -0200, eduardo.oliva barruzi wrote:
> Hi mentor, I joined this list to make some needed work to the project.
> If any of you knows something that I can help, please let me know,
> cause I really want to join.

I'm not sure what to suggest for Debian specifically, but for open
source development in general: Find something you're interested in
working on. Look at bug reports and fix a bug or write a new feature
(making sure to collaborate with the developers on the design) or write
documentation, etc. Working on something *you* are interested in is much
better for everyone in the long run: You'll produce higher quality
results because you care about what you're doing, you'll enjoy it more,
and you'll be more likely to stick around.


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