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Modifying upstream source

I have a question about modifying the upstream source of a package for debianization.

I have a package called pyecm where the upstream distributes a pyecm.py file but in Debian I'd like it to be called pyecm as that's a much better command name (it's being used as a shell script and not a module).

It seems I have several options to do this:

1) Change the name and then create the orig.tar.gz such that the orig.tar.gz will have pyecm and not pyecm.py 2) Create the orig.tar.gz with the pristine sources (pyecm.py) and then move it before building the package. The disadvantage here is that it's misleading and I will get a warning when building the package. 3) Create a pristine orig.tar.gz and add a preinst script that changes the name.

Which of these should I do in order to comply with standards and good practice?

Thanks all,
Martin Kelly

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