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Re: RFS: cunit

> > cunit (2.1-0.dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=low
> >
> >   * added watch file version mangle
> >   * new README.Debian-source
> >   * documentation is distributed under the GNU FDL
> >
> Where this in the _change_ in this log entry?
> If you mean the change in debian/copyright, then say so, be more 
> verbose.


> Invariant Sections, Cover Texts, Acknowledgements or Dedications, so it 
> could go into main.

This probably is a good idea as to show the ftp-masters that this has
been checked. I added this statement to debian/copyright:

"The documentation is distributed under the GNU Free Documentation
License. It does not contain any secondary sections designated as invariant,
cover texts, acknowledgements, and dedications. Therefore the documentation
is considered as being compatible with the DFSG (according to the vote of
GR 2006-001)."

Is this ok? (I uploaded the new package to mentors.debian.net.)

Philipp Benner

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