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RE: inetd packaging

I suggest you take a look at the wishlist level bugs on netbase package,
I learnt a lot about this whole thing by reading there.


> I am new to Debian and hope to contribute in some way. I have some
> free time and a bit of engineering (C/FORTRAN) programming experience.
> It seems the best thing to start would be to help with packaging, etc.
> issues. I am now comfortable with installing/package management/bug
> reporting so I have my first question.
> Debian policy states that /etc/inetd.conf should only be modified by
> update-inetd (Section 11.2).
> /etc/inetd.conf is supplied by preinst control script in 
> openbsd-inetd package.
> update-inetd script is supplied in netbase package.
> Why are /etc/inetd.conf and its associated script update-inetd in
> separate packages?
> I have this question because the Hurd project has caught my attention.
> Apparently it is a project that is experimental (the basics are still
> being defined) but has enough attention to have its own distribution.
> Although it might never see the status of a full distribution, it does
> help to bring out questions such as that above.
> Regards,
> Stephen Liebbe
> PS: I have submitted a bug report (#389277) about this but am
> concerned that perhaps other issues intrude.
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