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Re: upstream tarball repackaging from bz2 to gz


On Sun, 03.09.2006 at 22:13:26 +0200, Adam Cécile (Le_Vert) <gandalf@le-vert.net> wrote:
> Toni Mueller wrote:
> > another question is whether we can possibly adapt the policy and tools
> > to directly allow .bz2 files in Debian - we would benefit from smaller
> > files, too.
> Why not use 7z in this case? It's FAR better !

for my taste, 7z is simply too new. I'd rather have it pass the test of
time before letting it in into critical infrastructure.

I didn't check, but rumour has it that 7z eats HUGE amounts of RAM and
CPU. You'd incur that penalty on every package install, however old or
small your hardware might be (embedded, mobile, ...). If upgrades take
forever and a day, or simply fail because of that, this could make
Debian much less of a "Universal Operating System", imho.

Ok, the same argument holds for .bz2 file support, too. I've been
advised before that bzip2 roughly uses ten times the memory of gzip,
plus a good amount more CPU.

I don't mind in the least your elaborating on the advantages 7z might
have, and which I am probably unaware of.

Thank you for listening.


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