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Re: RFS: clara (updated package)

Kartik Mistry wrote:
> I would be glad if someone uploaded this package for me!

good, except:

  * remove the useless empty lines at the end of debian/changelog.
  * rename clara.manpages to manpages for consistency reasons.
  * remove the useless empty line at the end of debian/control.
  * wrapp the long description after 80 chars, not earlier.
  * remove the useless empty line at the end of debian/copyright.
  * you need to have the year information and the full gpl blurb in
    your debian/copyright, look at debian/copyright from libquicktime
    0.9.10+debian-2 for an example.
  * remove the multiple empty lines in debian/rules, one empty line as a
    seperator is enough.
  * rules: if you do not use configure:, remove it.
  * rules: if you do not use CFLAGS, remove them.
  * remove the useless dh_* calls in debian/rules (incl. the commented

If you fix that, I'm happy to upload it.

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