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RFS: bandwidthd - bandwidth monitoring daemon


I've already mailed my regular sponsor (which usually is a busy person)
without any response (yet). As I really want a newer version in before
Etch releases I'm sending a request for sponsorship to this list.

Package description available at:

The latest version fixes all reported bugs, including RC bugs, and some
more: http://bugs.debian.org/bandwidthd
New package available at: http://www.fatal.se/pub/debian/bandwidthd-latest/
It's lintian and linda clean (with no overrides).

Things to watch out for:
Please make sure that I've correctly made the maintainer changes as I've
switched email address since last debian upload.
(old: andreas@fjortis.info, new: andreas@fatal.se)
Please make sure that your build environment is clean so the -noxpm
version of GD is pulled in to have more options for the binary

Andreas Henriksson

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