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Re: RFS: liitex -- Lithuanian language support package for TeX


On Die, 26 Sep 2006, K??stutis Bili??nas wrote:
> > - why do you recommend tetex-extra? Is there a specific reason? And if
> >   yes, could you provide an alternative rec on a texlive package?
> The main fonts for Lithuanian documents will be l7x-lm fonts, so
> I made the "Depends: lmodern". The littex package also provides the
> urw family fonts - l7x-uxxx.tfm, which Lithuanians often uses too.
> So I made "Recommends: tetex-extra", because this package provides
> the urw fonts. Now I made:
> "Recommends: tetex-extra | texlive-fonts-extra" 

Hmmmmmm, I believe it should be texlive-fonts-recommended, as all the 
basic URW fonts are there.

Best wishes


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