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RFS: liitex -- Lithuanian language support package for TeX

ITP: #386445

* Package name    : littex
  Version         : 20060922
  Upstream Authors: Sigitas Tolusis <sigitas@vtex.lt>
	            Vytas Statulevicius <vytas@vtex.lt>
	            Yannis Haralambous
* URL             : http://www.vtex.lt/tex/distfiles
* License         : LPPL Version 1.3c
  Description     : Lithuanian language support package for TeX.

  A support package for the Lithuanian language to prepare
  documents in TeX/LaTeX. 
  Upstream: http://www.vtex.lt/tex/

The package is linda and lintian clean.

This packages can be found on my repository at

deb      http://kebil.ghost.lt/ debian/ 
deb-src  http://kebil.ghost.lt/ debian/

This package is very important and very desirable for the Lithuanian
users. I'd be very glad if someone of you could sponsor them for me.

Kęstutis Biliūnas <kebil@kaunas.init.lt>

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